Monday, August 5, 2013

Feeling cornered.

Nobody puts baby in a corner, because baby likes it.

Fall frat party 2005.

If they didn't know how to dance before, they will know how before the nights over.

Frat house scrapbook class of 2006.

Well I guess every fraternity chooses it's members differently.

The legacy pledge part one.

I never finished part two can you guess what the task was? Leavea a comment let's see if you're right

Message from mom.

Sometimes it's easier to make friends than you thought.

Opportunity knocks twice.

Oh pledge week, pledge week who should I pledge to?

The little college sissy.

Never ruin a good thing by being too eager.

Frat party rules.

In order to not disappoint the boys, you better not disappoint the boys.

No sudden movements!

Snip Snip!

Revenge is beautiful, especially when they never expected this!

No cutting in.

When you got to go, you got to go!

Styling solo series.

They said college you get a chance to grow.

Room serviced!

Never ever ever fall asleep at a frat party!

The white queen.

You can try all you like but you just can't beat the Masters!

I can't spell, so don't ask me to!

Comicon Dilemma.

One for the money - two for the show.

This ain't Vegas baby! Play the odds.

Safe among friends?

Are your good friends really your friends and are the things they'll do for in your best interest or theirs?

Perilous in pink!

The reward system .... the free market at work!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some joke.

Some jokes have a big pay-off if you wait for the punch line.

Perfecting the image.

A little trick at halloween leads to a big treat. Would you live your old life if chance knocked at your door and wanted to pinch your tight ass?

Climbing to the top.

A life without vice and good ethics does not stop you from becoming a victim of someone else's evil rise to power.

Burying the past.

Crime does pay to those who have no morals, but a comeuppance may yet still happen.

A Deadly Mixture.

Revenge is a dish best served in heels.

Slipping out.

Desperate times leads to desperate measures and to a whole new way of life. But, will his new found talent lead to him changing his ways?

Walk on by.

Master criminals succeed by out smarting their enemies, or by having a killer set of gams and a nice ass.

Project Amber.

They say somewhere an ultra-secret organization is authorized to conduct brainwashing experiments, to support the immense funding needed they often sell the test subjects after reaching Phase III.

Portrait of a problem.

I saw this set of pictures and decided that only something sinister would come out of this.

Gold dig'hims.

Like father like son. The con is on and some girlz marry for money.

Hooker surprise.

One of my all time personal favorite captions that I've ever created. I would love to look like her, dress like her, be trussed up like and to be in peril like her!

Bargaining position.

What I loved when I created this was that I never decided if Mr. Wendell was already dressed or if the dude brought the clothes and forced the bad boss to become a bad girl.

Right on schedule ...

and into danger. Sometimes the picture demands a darker tone. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stripped identity.

One of the few body swap captions I've made. It's  not my favorite genre but some people really enjoy, it I hope you do!

A good reporter won't let gender get in the way of a story.

While this was not created as a series somehow these two captions fit together, perhaps the saga of the reporter is born.

Making an exit.

Did you think only bodies get exchanged during a body swap? You're about to learn otherwise.

Undercover angel.

A top-secret organization, a master of disguise, one international mystery - sometimes the best man for the job will have to be a woman.

Duty calls.

An undercover officer has a new way of fighting crime and catching criminals.

Wet and willing!

One of the very few bodysuit captions I've made. This was created for another caption artist.

Testing the drives.

Someday getting a new body will be like getting a new car and you get what you pay for.

Farmer's Daughter.

A magic spell is used on the office joker, now he's the butt of the joke.

A New Cheer.

A magic caption using a potion from that old wizard in a blue robe.